Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Devi's Augur - Fiery Mist

Fiery Mist and Puzzling Portent are more daring with use of loops, sampled sounds and various discord. To make the latter more puzzling Ken Clinger is featured doing odd experimental 4-track mixing.

Devi's Augur - Puzzling Portent

Devi's Augur - Why, this is no longer the new age

Why, this is no longer the new age proves that out of sensuous and delicate recordings come a genuine emotion not unlike a waking sleep. Yet it is not New Age, and it doesn't put you to sleep with inactivity.

Agog Opus (I-VI)

The Opus Series was my masterstroke of idea from 1988 where I decided to take multiple source tapes I received from individuals and combine them with themselves. Thus I would combine, in this instance, Agog sources with other Agog sources thus pairing up sounds and samples that Agog would have never done himself. The result here is a 6 sided, 3 hour series with some brilliant moments and some sloppy messes, but overall a sensual, yet noisy combination of loops, electronics, acoustic sounds, Mirage samples, voices and found recordings. The tapes become more dense in the last three parts. Also see Nick Grey Slay and Wig Opus.

For Sleep Has No Boundaries

For Sleep Has No Boundaries is a mature 4-track recording variation on the Opus concept. It is a gentle and engaging combination of various Agog samples and electronic sources. Yum.

Why Russia Is Better in Space

Why Russia Is Better in Space is a queer outing with jarring and startling sound juxtapositions featuring Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and Agog. Jumble, rumble, crumble, mumble.

The Final Product

"The Final Product" from January 1988 was a well received tape whose acceptance surprised me. It has Minóy, Agog, Nick and Tuf intermingling and complementing each other. Fluid mixtures of rich elements to coat your eardrums.